3 Easy Ways to Reinvent Yourself

3 Easy Ways to Reinvent Yourself

“Reinvention allows us to continually discover new gifts within ourselves” (Gratton & Gratton: Zero to 100,000)

Like everything in life, we tend to construct our own psychological safety nets.  These generally surface in the way that we express ourselves to others (I like to call them communication armour) and they can be incredibly difficult to break out of.

Sometimes the best way forward is to stop going forward altogether and, instead, to take a step to the side in order to re-evaluate how best to break through this invisible boundary in order to reach our goals and dreams.

We all have a vision of where we want to be in life yet many of us wander aimlessly towards it with no clear road map and, when we take a wrong turn, we find it difficult to get back on the right track. We often find ourselves retracing our old footsteps over and over, making the same mistakes and, as a result, unable to see the woods for the trees.

So here’s what I suggest!  Review and renew!  Make it your mantra and put it into action through the following simple steps to reinvention and renewal:

1. Change your scenery

We’re all influenced by the things that surround us on a daily basis and we tend to set limits or boundaries internally that prevent us from venturing to pastures new; so change your scenery for a spell!  Read something from a genre previously unexplored, visit those places (near or far) that have never before excited you, converse with people you would previously have overlooked for fear of having nothing in common.  Do all this and I guarantee that you will already have come a long way in finding a new dimension within yourself and a shift in your way of thinking that will expand your view of the world.

2. Imitate to accentuate.

A great and easy way of extending and enhancing the inner you is to play ‘dress up for a day’.   Break free of your normal clothing and cosmetic confines and model yourself on your fantasy you – go from black to pink (or maybe vice versa) from cotton to silk and from corduroy to kimonos.  You get the idea! Many people trying this experiment have found that their confidence levels soar – they walk differently, talk differently and when they get back to their old routine they do so with a renewed confidence and sense of self-empowerment.

3. Silence is Golden

It’s sometimes hard to break away from the crowd!  And I’m not talking about only the physical, but the mental crowding of thought and self demands that echo in our heads continually.  To rid ourselves of these, if only for a short while, can be incredibly cathartic.  It doesn’t take endless hours of meditation either.  The simplest way of stress –eradication comes from our own ‘self-soothing’ rituals.  The things that take us back to those lazy, happy times are psychological markers that we can use at anytime.  A piece of music that just makes us ‘feel good,’ the smell of a particular blend of coffee, of those freshly baked cookies or that old black and white film that absorbs us and erases any stresses and strains.  They can create an inner silence that is both therapeutic and transforming.  Recognise their power and welcome them in from time to time as old but never forgotten friends.

Finally, there’s just you – wonderful you!  The very fact that you’ve read this article means that there’s something within you that wants to embrace the new, to shed your skin of disillusionment with the world and to re-adorn yourself with positivity and an openness to the good that lies ahead.  Embrace this change and the reinvention of yourself will result in finding the ‘you’ that always lay beneath.  After all, reinvention or not, this is you, it always was you and it always will be you.  Except this; love this, and the world will truly love you back.







One comment

  1. Susana Aires (@Susana_Aires_) · August 11, 2011

    Hi there 😀

    Just wanted to say I loved the way you worked around the idea of gaining a new perspective on ourselves and our outlook on life. I guess we all create a personal image of ourselves and don’t consider reinventing it many times, which is a real shame. Experimenting is exciting! 😀



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