It’s official! I’m writing the new book on Twitter!


I was both stunned and elated, in equal measures, to receive the proposal from Wiley: “We want you to write a brand new book on Twitter, something that will change the way that people see and use the platform“.  

You can imagine how incredibly honoured I felt to have been asked to author such an important piece of work – in fact, how could I possibly refuse?  And so, the last few weeks, since signing that all important ‘author’s agreement’, have been spent in a whirlwind of creativity and all-night caffeine-aided writing marathons that have left me with the kind of giddy mix of exhuastion and exhileration only a writer can truly understand.

This morning I saw the first press release about the book and, whatsmore, found it available to pre-order (already) on both Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  I just had to share the news with you!

Here’s how they describe the book:

There are more than 106 million active Twitter accounts and that number is increasing by as much as 300,000 per day. There are 600 million searches on the Twitter search engine every day. Consumers are using Twitter to find discussions and information about the products and topics they’re interested in. This makes Twitter a powerful marketing platform that has been proven to have a measurable impact on costumer decisions and brand evangelism.

Celebrity author Sarah-Jayne Gratton has received international notoriety for her personal branding and marketing abilities on Twitter and shares her knowledge on how to create and execute a surefire personal brand marketing campaign that spans the globe using Twitter.   Her latest book Follow Me! will offer real-world examples and proven techniques for capturing a Twitter audience and using that audience to further spread the word on your personal brand.

Her unique style of writing combined with the book’s never before revealed secrets will no doubt ensure that she has another best-seller on her hands”

Now I can really hear the sound of those deadlines whooshing by…  Keep that coffee coming @grattonboy πŸ™‚



  1. Andy Nathan · February 10, 2012

    Sarah-Jayne,That is awesome! Congratulations on this venture. When will the book be released?Andy

  2. Anonymous · February 16, 2012

    Summer 2012 Andy, but you can pre-order a copy now πŸ™‚

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