How Physicians Can Create A Personal Brand With Twitter

FEED The Agency’s Creative Director, Matthew Ray Scott interviews me on how physicians can create a personal brand with Twitter.



A former actress, Sarah-Jayne Gratton has become an influential social media persona (as @grattongirl), speaker and writer, being regularly featured in Social Media Today and other publications including In-Spires Lifestyle Magazine and Sarah-Jayne is the winner of a 2012 Shorty Award for ‘The Best Twitter in Social Media’ and is one of “Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women”. She is also listed as one of the ‘Top Marketing Book Authors on Twitter’ in Social Media Marketing Magazine. Sarah-Jayne is the host of online TV talent show TwittersGotTalent.TV where contestants submit videos to the show and the Twitter community vote for their favorite act. TwittersGotTalent.TV was featured on the BBC’s Click TV program. Sarah-Jayne is listed in the Top 50 of The Sunday Times Social List.

Sarah-Jayne is the author of Follow Me! Creating a Personal Brand With Twitter available for pre-release on Amazon and Zero to 100,000 Social Media Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses.

Here’s our interview with Sarah-Jayne Gratton:

FEED The Agency: Imagine we hire you to conduct a personal branding workshop with our health & beauty physician clients. What would you want the top 3 take aways to be for them?

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: Firstly, patients don’t want to talk to a faceless, nameless entity; they want to sense the person behind it — the personal. They want to like and get to know you, not just interact with your business. Remember that emotions are everything — they always have been and they always will be. Without them we cease to be human and we cease to invest in the human race.  Your brand voice and your social voice are one and the same.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to separate them.

Secondly, I’d want them to take away the knowledge that social media has dissolved the walls that existed between the consumer and the brand, and has provided the opportunity for one-on-one connection in a way never before possible.  The best physicians are embracing this and using social media as a way to expand their knowledge base to their patients, empowering them and strengthening their own personal brands in the process.

And lastly, it’s so important to acknowledge the fact that today’s patients, consumers and clients have the ability to communicate online all day, every day, sharing, tweeting and blogging about how they feel. Sentiment is oozing out of every post they make, and we should not fear it, but instead, embrace it as the new lifeblood of branding. The ability to listen and understand how our patients feel (whether good or bad), what is important to them and what their expectations are, provides huge opportunities for forming the emotional allegiances needed for enduring personal brand loyalty.

FEED The Agency: As one of Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women, what’s been your top 3 success secrets in how to create a recognizable personal brand?

Sarha-Jayne Gratton: I think one of the primary reasons that my personal brand has been so successful lies in the way I have formed an emotional bond with my followers.  By this I mean that I have connected with them in a way that resonates personally to their core beliefs and values.

I view my Twitter stream as my personal ‘show’ through which I connect with my followers 24-hours-a-day, using the SITE method of tweeting (Share, Inform, Thank and Engage).  It is a formula for successful tweeting that I introduce in my book Follow Me: Creating a Personal Brand on Twitter, John Wiley & Sons, 2012.  The method provides a way to blend my twitter stream into a steady flow of tweets.  It’s a formula that everyone needs to understand in order to build a strong trusted dialogue for their personal brand.

I utilize Cross Platform Promotion (CPP) a term that I penned to explain the synergetic use of all social media platforms to effectively broadcast a brand message.  Many people like to jump between platforms when trying to resolve an issue or find information about a particular subject.  This is where effective CPP comes in.  For example, a request that starts by searching your blog may lead to a discussion on your Facebook page, which could ultimately escalate to a ‘call to action’.  A multichannel social media experience should be smooth and easy to access with all of your platforms working holistically to provide the best user experience for your followers and your clients.

FEED The Agency: In your book Follow Me, Creating a Personal Brand with Twitter, you share success stories. Share one of those success stories that you feel can best relate to a physician or practice manager that is excited to use social media in a compliant and compelling way to educate more patients on their particular medical services.

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: Howard J Luks MD, a Board-certified Orthopaedic Surgeon with offices in Westchester and Dutchess Counties, is the perfect example of how physicians are using social media to engage, inform and ultimately empower their patients.  Dr Luks, who I feature in the book, feels that Health has become very social and believes:

Empowered patients are knowledgeable, intelligent, typically prepared for their medical appointments — and they expect and demand a far higher level of service from their health care providers.

He refers to the coming evolution in the health care industry as “Health Care 2.0” and believes that it will “usher in a value-driven healthcare model.”

He cleverly utilises CPP to spread the word about his services by imparting knowledge to both current and potential patients via his website ( and gives them a voice to air any issues they may have about their conditions through a wide range of social media channels.

His blog has become a firm favourite with many of his patients, as well as his online video library, which talks patients through the many treatment options available.  This blog is linked to his Twitter account, where he is able to offer one-on-one advice to his followers and also his Facebook page, where he posts interesting articles on various healthcare topics and invites his patients to air their opinions and share feedback on their treatments with his online community.

FEED The Agency: How has social media impacted marketing forever and what are your predictions
of how social media will continue to evolve businesses from medical practices to local restaurants?

Sarah-Jayne Gratton: Creating brand awareness through traditional forms of marketing has always been a costly exercise.  Social media has changed all that, giving smaller and personal brands access to literally millions of people across a huge geographic and multicultural arena.  This is a change from which there is no going back; a contrast to traditional forms of media such as radio and television, where only those within a limited geographic location who happened to be tuned in at the right time to “catch it” received their monologue based content.  Marketing today has become a very personal, emotional and ultimately social two-way street, where the consumer joins in the conversation and helps to road-map a brand’s journey.

After all, social media is change – it is continually evolving, and resistance, as they say, is not only futile but detrimental to the future success of any business.  It is a change that we are gradually learning to accept and embrace, and yet some are resistant to it, predominantly out of fear that the consumer or patient will suddenly have control over their brand message.

The paradox is that by utilizing the power of the consumer, we are creating an army of brand ambassadors working globally to promote us, which is a blessing rather than a curse, so long as we continue to engage and provide a high level of positive interaction.

We need to be the change we wish to see by embracing the continual evolution of social media.  The successful among us will willingly push forward personal boundaries with new content, CPP and the clever application of analytics that will set them apart as brand leaders.

FEED The Agency: What do you want your last Tweet to say?

 Sarah-Jayne Gratton: “Thank you – it’s been a blast!”

Read the original interview here:


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