Empowering Healthcare: Howard Luks M.D.


Howard J Luks M.D. is far more than just a great physician. Named as one of “Twitter’s Top Ten Doctors”, as well as one of the “Eleven Faces to Follow in Healthcare and Social Media” by FierceHealthIT, Howard is testimony to the changing face of healthcare using social media as a platform to educate and empower his patients.

He’s approachable, likeable, and enjoys lively banter with his followers but, beyond that, his personal brand is one of education, reassurance, and, as I’ve just mentioned, empowerment. Three things that today’s healthcare system desperately needs to impart to the wider community.

Howard has managed, through clever and insightful use of his social networks, to blur the somewhat starchy boundaries that have traditionally existed between doctor and patient. His daily tweets provide the perfect edutainment blend of fact, humor, and reciprocation. What’s more, Howard knows how to involve his audience on a personal level using everything from asking for advice on his medical conference speeches to sharing favorite family and leisure time moments.

 It’s interesting to note that social media use among physicians is actually higher than among consumers in general, as discovered by a CSC study in 2011. Surprisingly though, the study went on to report that most physicians are using social media in their personal but not professional lives.

Howard sees this trend as something that needs to change, not only to empower patients, but also physicians themselves. He believes, as research supports, that by embracing social media, doctors could reduce their workloads by moving some of the interactions currently using the phone or in the office to social media platforms stating:

“Important changes are taking place that will forever change the way the physicians and patients interact. Shared Decision Making principles, the concept of Informed Choice versus Informed Consent and the desires of the Participatory Medicine movement will dramatically alter the health care landscape.”

Read more about Howard’s amazing social media journey in my new book, Follow Me! and follow him on Twitter @hjluks.

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  1. Howard Luks MD · July 27, 2012

    SJ… you’re the best! Thanks for the recognition. While there is a marketing upside to a physician who is active in the social media space, that should not be considered my primary objective — as you pointed out. I am here to educate, to humanize my presence and help clear the windshield of doubt that exists among the millions of consumers who are actively searching online for meaningful, evidence based actionable information about their disease or medical issue. That’s my "space" 🙂 I truly appreciate your insights and accolades. Howard Luks

  2. david della · July 28, 2012

    wow im impressed and i think that they hit the nail right on the head-dr luks is the coolest and most professional person ive met-ty dr luks for letting us know more about ourselfs with all your posts on the meedia-your the best dave della sciucca

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