Falling for Paris – An Early Autumn Romance with the City of Lights



When reminiscing about my time in Paris it’s very hard not to sound like a cliché, but I admit I have no inclination to abscond from doing just that in this short but very passionate post.   

You see I’ve just returned from a trip to the most romantic city in the world.  It was the kind of visit that lingers in the mind and internally ‘instagrams’ the snapshots of our memories into hazy, glorious moments of delight, and inspiration.   

A rainy autumn afternoon in Paris suddenly becomes transfused with the soft gold and amber lights of the many bistros dotted along the Champs Elysee, while the drizzly night sky above the city at midnight mutes the gleam of the Eiffel Tower seen across the Seine with breath-taking serene elegance, giving it an almost Renoir-like resonance.

Oh yes, I’ve fallen and I’ve fallen hard for the city of lights.  Paris – je t’aime x 




  1. Stan Broadhurst · October 16, 2012

    Hi Sarah sounds great… inspiring … ;-))

  2. Peter Blake · October 16, 2012

    Sarah, you have summed up Paris perfectly and I love the part about we internally instagram our memories – how very on trend you always are darling. Great writing from a great lady.

  3. Katherine Sayers · October 16, 2012

    I was debating where to book for our honeymoon and now I know. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Mark Deckers · October 16, 2012

    SJ you could never be a cliche! Brilliant 🙂

  5. Irene · October 16, 2012

    That’s exactly how it was for us. I miss Paris with Sarah every day.

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