Social Media Entrepreneur at 17: Amit Verma


“The Best Path to Success is Your Own!” @AmitV_Tweets 

To have founded three successful companies is quite an achievement. To have founded them all by the age of seventeen is nothing short of phenomenal and that’s the best word with which to describe Amit Verma.  

Amit built a strong personal brand using Twitter and credits the platform for much of his companies’ successes. This brilliant young entrepreneur has a wise head on his young shoulders, something that comes across clearly in his personal brand message. Amit believes that what you tweet can help shape your brand on Twitter. For instance, if you regularly help others with business ideas, you will soon become known as the business ideas go-to person. Humorous individuals will be known as fun and will gain follows who appreciate their sense of humor, and Twitter may bring an impact to your brand based on the human qualities that are given out through your tweets every day.

Amit also believes it’s also important to choose your content wisely as, once you tweet, it will be out there for others to find forever:

“As a Twitterer, you are going to be visible so make sure you do it in the right way and to the right group of people and influencers.”

Using cross platform promotion (CPP) effectively is another way that Amit has successfully built his personal brand using Twitter. He uses the platform to link to his website, blog, and application platforms as part of his daily Twitter show schedule.

“If you want to build your brand, it will be far more effective if you expand your visibility across multiple platforms,” Amit explains. “Creating a web presence is a good start. Build a blog and update it frequently. Make sure that you create eye-catching tweets to link to them on a daily basis and to keep your followers entertained.

Amit’s personal branding success story is truly inspirational. He has not only embraced Twitter as a social tool, but also as a powerhouse of knowledge and connections that he uses to promote and expand each of his business ventures. His entrepreneurial empire is continuing to grow, with new applications in the pipeline that he’s gearing up to tweet about. Look for news of them in a Twitter stream near you!

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