What Selling Moose Taught Me About Patience



I have never been a patient person!

My parents and teachers unsuccessfully strived for years to instil in me its virtues and yet it’s a quality that has always eluded me.  So, when I ordered my copy of the new business book Selling Moose, I felt an immediate frustration at the thought of waiting days for its arrival – yes, I know the Kindle version is available but, when it comes to books, I love their smell, the feel of them in my hands, and their crumpled friendly demeanour after years of fond revisiting.

But then it dawned on me that my innate frustration in not getting what I want exactly when I want it is, in fact, one of the reasons for my accomplishments to date.  It’s true!  My refusal to sit back and wait for what I want to ‘make its way to me’ has always been an unbearable experience and one that I continually fight.  For me, getting what you want means making it happen, pulling out all the stops, finding another way when all other solutions have been thwarted and never letting a little thing like failure stop you from trying again.

Which brings me to the wonderful ‘Selling Moose’. What its author, Chris Jones, ultimately tells his readers is this true and oh so pertinent fact; that you learn more from your failures than your successes and that you only truly fail when you stop using the lessons you’ve learned to move on to new achievements. 

With all the “I made it big” business books out there, it’s so incredibly refreshing to read a story about a journey of discovery through what ultimately turned out to a misguided brand pathway.  It’s the kind of book that leads you to reflect upon its words long after you close its pages; the kind that, over time, is destined to become a trusted friend.

I applaud the very talented and eloquent Chris Jones for taking his readers on an honest and inspirational journey and, what’s more, I applaud myself for never having quite mastered the art of patience.

Purchase a copy of Selling Moose here and follow Chris Jones on Twitter.



  1. Kevin Moon · January 11, 2013

    Sarah-Jayne Gratton has continually inspired me with her words. This post echoes my own frustration at the system. I have now ordered Selling Moose as a result. Well done.

  2. Dean · January 11, 2013

    Just wonderful.

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