Simplifying Market Intelligence


To master true market intelligence is to embrace continuous change.  The meandering stream of new technology distils itself with the perpetuated expectations of its waiting society, resulting in a continuous flow of product and personal evolution.  This may sound rather prophetic, but it’s actually a simple theory that separates the weak from the strong in the world of marketing.  To a technology marketer, its adoption may be the difference between professional life or death. 

Consider the current channels through which your flow of information runs.  What research do you buy in and what research comes from your own networking and ‘freely available’ investigative routes?  It’s a fact that most companies spend far more than they need to on buying in over-priced market reports, when the information gleaned from them can be more beneficially acquired through personal contact routes. 


Here again, I emphasise the importance of building channel relationships within your stream of market intelligence.  Make the time to really engage with the research analysts you buy from and find out what their reports aren’t telling you as well as what they are.  As in all good relationships, self-disclosure is key to securing these valued links.  Divulge information that you want the analysts to use and pass on to others in the industry.  Use them as a means through which to broadcast your company’s strengths and as a vent, through which to draw in the information that will set you apart from your competitors.  After all, the reports you buy are probably being purchased by all competing manufacturers of wireless products.

So, with this in mind, in order to gain the advantage with regards to market intelligence, you need to have an ace up your sleeve in the form of a valuable two-way link that extends far beyond the white papers flowing between you.




One comment

  1. Brian Turner · January 30, 2013

    I have taken the liberty of reproducing this article for my students. It surmises so perfectly the mechanisms behind market intelligence in a way that the modern marketer can translate into working strategy. Thank you for a brilliant post.

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