Show Me The Way – A Virtual Awakening



If someone had said to me ten years ago that I’d be spending at least 70% of my day living in the virtual, rather than the real world, I would have dismissed them as crazy, but here I am staring at my screen as I write this and waiting for that next important Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ notification to sound and flash up before me.

It’s not that I don’t love my work – the feeling I get from seeing a new brand blossom as a result of my social media management is quite frankly intoxicating and incredibly fulfilling to me personally.  In a strange way, I’ve never felt more connected to my abilities nor disconnected from the commuter rat race of years gone by.  In fact, with my smartphone and tablet to hand, I sometimes feel I could rule the world from a park bench, and it was on one of those days that I happened to glance up from my screen and survey the afternoon scene for a moment.

What happened next began a chilling inner-dialogue that has yet to find resolution. It was as though I had wandered into a scene from some futuristic sci-fi nightmare movie – the kind you tune into late on a Friday night.  Everyone around me submersed in technology – staring, expectantly into the black mirrors of their personal devices – each lost in their own dark virtual world.

I’m asking you to take a leap of faith for a moment and consider the ways through which our need to feel connected have led us to wander down paths we would never normally have considered. Furthermore, I’m asking you to question those inner angels and demons that navigate our thoughts and actions – innate motivations coloured black, white and all the shades in between that paint the portrait of our lives in the twenty first century.

The moment passed and the eerie silence was broken by the sound of ducks quacking and children laughing.  I was awake and it was time to go home – now if only someone could show me the way!


One comment

  1. Shaun B Ingram · March 14, 2013

    Wow! took my breath away. awesome writing and a chilling reminder of how detached we’ve all become through so called innovation.

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