5 Great Social Media Curation Tools You Have to Try Today


If you follow me on any of my social media platforms you’ll know that effective content curation is a huge deal for me.  When planning your personal brand ‘show’ you need to be able to easily access the freshest, most current and ultimately most relevant content on a daily basis.  After all, you’re only as good as your last tweet, post or Phought so, with this in mind, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite tools to help your personal brand message truly shine.

1.  Flipboard


The creators of Flipboard were spot on when it came to providing an app that’s, not only a breeze to use, but is incredibly useful in boosting your brand message across your platforms (all we need now is a Phinkit post option!)  Simply enter your topic/s of interest into the search box and away you go!  You’ll be presented with a plethora of the latest news, images and everything else on the subjects that you (and your followers) are passionate about.  From there, you simply click to view individually and to share directly to your platforms or you can email links to yourself for social media scheduling later.  And it gets even better!  In the last few weeks Flipboard have rolled out a major update which allows you to create and curate your own personalized magazine (take a look at mine here).  It’s a powerful way of expressing brand ‘you’ and it’s completely free, so what are you waiting for?

2. Scoop.It 


Another great and totally free publishing-by-curation platform that allows you to manage multiple sources including websites, RSS feeds and social media streams via its intuitive dashboard.  Using keywords and date parameters, Scoop.It is an incredibly useful tool and a great blog-alternative, letting you produce relevant, brand-customized content for your followers.

3. Paper.li


Without a doubt, Paper.li is my ‘cloud’ newspaper creator of choice.  I use it to produce my web daily newspaper ‘The @grattongirl Review’ which, since its launch in 2011, has received thousands of reads and shares. Essentially Paper.li is a free content-curation service that lets you publish your own personally-named newspaper based on your topics of interest.  It allows your fans and followers to subscribe to it and delivers a fresh edition to them everyday, via an email or tweet.  Great stuff!

4. YourVersion 


Unlike traditional search engines, the free YourVersion site and apps are optimized to provide real-time updates tailored to your specific interests on a continuous basis.  The team behind its creation like to call it a “discovery engine”.  The service pulls together the most relevant online gems related to your personal brand message without requiring all that searching.  Adding an interest like ‘iPhone’ into YourVersion brings you, not only the latest news on apps, but also includes blog posts, web pages, tweets and videos.  And it’s a service with a memory, which means once you’ve entered your interests the next time you visit YourVersion the latest stories are there waiting for you.

5. Marginize 


An amazingly clever and, again, totally free browser plug-in that augments any web pages you view.  Margizine generates a useful sidebar that allows you to see what the world is saying about each page on Twitter and Facebook and to interact with other viewers via comments and check-ins.  Not only is Marginize an innovative way to share content, it’s also a compelling way to create an online profile of where you have been.  Think of it as a virtual version of Foursquare that lets you check-in on websites or web pages that you go to.  Each time you share an article, a web page, or just have something that you want to say on a site you are documenting your online footprint and, as with Foursquare, winning badges along the way.  Ultimately Marginize is a lot of fun and provides an interesting and unique way of sharing newly discovered web content with your followers.


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