4 Simple Ways to Keep it Real on Twitter


Twitter can be a daunting and, quite frankly, intimidating platform to step onto when you first start out so use these four simple steps to get a head start and make the most of using Twitter for brand ‘you’.

 Follow Your Inspiration

Tweet and retweet those things that strike a chord with you; whether it be a quote that has moved your or a beautiful photograph that’s inspired you.   Create list of those people you follow who share similar aspirations to you and let these be the tweets that inspire and guide your content for the day.

Say “Thank You!”

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, don’t ever get too big for your social media boots.  Time spent on personally thanking those people who appreciate your tweets is time well spent and shows that you’re someone worth following.

Welcome Newbies to the Flock! 

Remember what a strange new world Twitter seemed to be when you first joined and how it took some time to find your way around and get to know the benefits it could provide to your personal brand?  Twitter can be a confusing place for fledglings, so don’t be afraid to take them under your wing and show them how to make the most out of the platform.

 Share more of yourself! 

Introduce your followers to more of brand you through connecting them and welcoming them to your other platforms.  After all, they’re following you because they like what you have to tweet about, so why not expand upon your relationship and start engaging with them across you entire social media spectrum?  Cross Platform Promotion (CPP) via Twitter is a great way to amplify your personal brand message by extending your relationships with your followers so be sure to include invitations to connect via Facebook, LinkedIn, Empire Avenue, Pinterest and Phinkit.


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