8 Ways to Source and Build Great and Original Content


I was inspired to write this by my good friend Claire Pitts.  It concerns the internal road-blocks we all encounter from time to time.  A kind of ‘writers-block on steroids’ if you will; one that pulls down the shutters on just about every decision we need to make and is especially frustrating when deadlines are looming.

Creating and sourcing great and original content is an important part of what I do, both for myself and for my clients’ business blogs.  The problem with so many of them is that, over time, they can easily become dry, stale and repetitive.  So, with this in mind, this week I’ve put together eight simple exercises to help inspire you to think creatively outside of the corporate box and make your posts really stand out and get noticed.

  1. Write a profile post on someone fundamental to your business.
  2.  Select a popular blog post within your business arena that reflects your opinions and expand on the idea within it, linking to the original article and inviting comments.
  3. Find a popular blog post within your business arena that you disagree with and pro-actively de-construct the idea, remembering again to the link to the original post and invite comments.
  4. Find an iTunes podcast that relates to your field of interests and write a review.  Be sure to post a link to your website and blog, along with a brief summary of your review on iTunes as a way of thanking the creators of the podcast for their content.
  5.  Ask a question relating to your business arena on Twitter and Yahoo Answers and document the responses in a new post.
  6.  Think of a ‘how-to’ question related to your business and see whether it is answered in a YouTube video.  If so, write about the question and embed the YouTube video within the post.
  7.  Write a post composed of positive customer reviews of your services/products.  Consider using scans of thank-you letters, photos from users and responses from company questionnaires as fillers.
  8.  Create a company horoscope blog, using the start date of your company as its birthday.  Read your company horoscope and use it as the basis of posts that talk about your services, team and any forthcoming events in a fresh and entertaining way.

Find out more about sourcing and building great and original social media content in my book, Zero to 100,000: Social Media Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses (Pearson, 2011).


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