How to increase your profits & brand exposure through Social Media


As many of you already know, I take a ‘whole business’ approach to integrating social media into a business, which I feel is far more effective than the ‘addendum to marketing’ philosophy of many so called social media experts.  What I relay is a methodology that can be tailored to any business sector, covering all aspects of B2B and consumer relationships through the adoption of a two-way conversation.  This is particularly beneficial to businesses in terms of understanding their customers and partners’ needs, is a great customer response channel and adds great value when integrated as a social CRM mechanism.

My workshop at Glyndwr University UK, a precursor to my Exec MBA module, will be very different and immersive.  At the end of each day you’ll find yourself understanding the REAL value of social media and its potential impact upon your business and brand.  I’ll lift the lid on the all the hyperbole out there and show how to maximize the potential of each platform to amplify your brand message.

Understanding your customers wants and needs will enable you to effectively gauge what content will add value by solving a problem, building credibility and fostering trust.  Remember that memory is tied to emotions and that we, as humans, are continually governed by them on an unconscious level.  Long-term brand awareness and loyalty is ultimately driven by these emotional ties which, in turn, are driven by the value we provide to others.

 With this in mind, my innovative social media workshop will show you how to:

 Discover the power of the trust cycle

  • Explore the effect of emotion on branding
  • See why the old marketing methods no longer work
  • Turn your brand-message into a 24-hour online show
  • Find the formula for making your brand a trending topic
  • Discover your Vision, Value, Passion (VVP) connection
  • Use powerful tools for curation, monitoring and identifying your social capital in a way that makes sense.

  Join me there for a day of learning like no other you’ll ever experience!  Find out more by emailing:



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