Why Social Media ‘adds up’ for the Financial Services Sector


It’s all too easy to shy away from the importance of adopting a social strategy, especially in a sector that has historically buried its head in the sands of media tradition.  Financial services brands have been slow to embrace social media and quick to disregard its power.  That’s all changing now however, as top financial brands like HSBC and MasterCard are showing the rest of the sector how it’s done in terms of putting together social strategies that really work and are changing the way they interact with their customers for the better. 

True, MasterCard got it wrong with their catastrophic involvement in the Brit awards, but they have well and truly redeemed themselves with their recent #PricelessSurprises hashtag, which has been tweeted and retweeted thousands of times, making them one of the most talked about financial brands in the social sphere. 

Likewise HSBC make a point of ensuring that each ‘tweeting’ staff member gives out their name when they help with any queries.  It’s a clever move in a sector recently devoid of trust.  A move that says they’re there to help with any queries and it’s a heartening gesture, as a name shows you’re reaching out to a real human.

Getting it right in the social sphere can be a daunting task, which is why I offer a totally tailored social media strategy; one that’s structured to fit your financial brand like a glove, providing the right blend of professionalism and affability across multiple platforms.

I’m here to help get your financial brand message across in the most effective way possible so contact me to find out more.  


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