Product Review: iTeufel Air Blue – The Bentley is Now Supercharged












A guest post by Dr Dean A Gratton

I reviewed the iTeufel Magnum some time ago and described the product as ‘The Bentley of Bluetooth Audio’. Well, it seems that those chaps at Teufel have taken the magical essence of the Magnum, rebuilt it, added some excellent features and supercharged it – yikes!

The iTeufel Air Blue now replaces the Magnum and there is a bumper feature set that will keep any avid music lover well-connected and their feet-tapping. As always, with Teufel audio products, the quality of sound for such a diminutive device is amazing and the richness of its base, which fills the room without distortion, is nothing short of breath-taking! Both vocal tracks and instrumentals have an unexpected sense of texture, space and depth to them, one that again, belies its compact size.


The Air Blue naturally supports Bluetooth wireless technology. However, in Teufel’s new generation product, there is also Wi-Fi support, along with that for Apple AirPlay and Spotify. This means that there’s no excuse not to have your home beating out your favourite tunes.


Connection too is a breeze – you simply connect your Air Blue to your Wi-Fi-enabled router or access point et c’est tout! Yep, any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled device can stream content to the Air Blue. It entices a social gathering of music appreciation: Thanks to the Air Blue your dinner parties can now become truly social musical ensembles of guest track preferences, all powered by their individual enabled devices, whether that’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capable. You could quite rightly say that the Air Blue enjoys a love-affair with a crowd, but it’s also a marvellous solo companion, playing background music whilst I cook and, in true Keith Floyd style, sip on a glass of Shiraz. Such an escape!

The Teufel Air Blue is, in essence, a superb example of THE new generation of digital HiFi. A wonderful all-around music entertainment system that puts the ‘social’ into the experience of superb sound quality.


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