Pandora Knocks – A Cautionary Tale

The Social Skillet

Whilst studying Psychology at Cardiff University in the early 1990s, my research group were given the assignment title “Power Currupts”.  The following is my interpretation of that statement in story form. This is the first time I’ve shared it and I’d love to receive your comments.


She entered the room tentatively, nervously; one might even say excitedly.  Her movements cautious and self-studied.  No-one paid any particular attention to the strange girl in the blue shawl, no-one that was except Peterson.  He stood inside the large archway to the kitchen where she passed him with a visible flinch of panic at his observation.  He smiled inwardly at the thought.

Ralph Peterson took pleasure from evoking fear in others.   Fear gave him power – power brought him control.   He was greedy for it, and it too sought him out, as a flame seeks out oxygen. The great problem however, in the union…

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  1. KW here · February 10, 2015

    Awesome post.

    • grattongirl · February 24, 2015

      Thanks so much KW and apologies for the late reply 🙂

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