A Few Words of Thanks


Having major surgery can have a profound effect on the way we choose to value what’s around us and the inevitable post-op recovery period affords the time to reimagine how our previous assumptions can be reshaped to maximise the quality of our lives.   It can also be a lonely time: I missed my mother terribly while in hospital – she was always the one I turned to when I needed strength – but my amazing husband and daughter were there to ensure that the flame of ‘good things to come’ was always burning brightly.  Along with them, I want to thank all my followers and friends for the waves of love and support that flowed out to me across the virtual ocean – it was the greatest medicine and the most powerful therapy I could have received.

So thank you x



  1. Kaarina Dillabough (@KDillabough) · September 29, 2014

    With you all the way:) xo

  2. grattongirl · October 4, 2014

    Thanks so much Kaarina my friend. Your support has been priceless x

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