Twitter and LinkedIn for the Fresh Produce Industry

Fresh Produce Social Media Seminar

Social Media has without question impacted on every British industry over the past ten years, albeit some sectors have embraced it quicker than others.

Now the fresh produce industry is latching onto the benefits of using Twitter and LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and there’s never been a better time to get involved.  With this in mind, I’ve put together an unmissable and totally free seminar for FPC members to get you started effectively on these two essential platforms.

Here’s what some previous attendees have to say about my seminars:

“Twitter has become one of the most dominant social networking platforms. For many people it is the primary way that they interact with the online, and increasingly offline, worlds. No organization or individual can afford not to have a Twitter presence, especially if they care about their reputation or brand.  Sarah-Jayne Gratton (@grattongirl) explores the nature of Twitter and LinkedIn marketing and provides many useful tips and insights for getting ahead and becoming noticed and valued on both platforms.”

Dr. Bojan Tunguz, Agri-Physicist

“Sarah-Jayne takes her time explaining why Twitter and LinkedIn work and more importantly she also manages to make it evident why social media is important and a necessary part of the way you and your company should communicate and push your message or product.  An invaluable course that has taught me plenty and given me confidence”.

Simon Buckley, Food Technology Consultant

“If you’ve been intimidated by social media, you will find this an excellent introduction as to how to think about it, followed by discussions of specific implementation issues such as creating an effective profile, crafting memorable tweets and posts, how to think about followers, and so on. ighly recommended.”

James Strock, Serve to Lead

If you like what you’ve read in this post and are interested in learning more about getting started in social media then join me at 12 noon on Wednesday 26th November at the Haycock Hotel in Wansford for an afternoon of Twitter and LinkedIn training that will guarantee you hit the ground running in the social sphere.  As I’ve already mentioned, it’s completely free for members of FPC so please do come along.  Click here for more details and to book your place:


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